Understanding the Different Catering Services Types in Melbourne

If you plan on organising an event in Melbourne where a group of people will be present, you might want to think about hiring a catering service. For example, if you are planning a work gala, there are many providers of corporate catering Melbourne has now to help service your event. Such firms provide food and drinks for your guests, thereby allowing you to concentrate on other important aspects of your event.

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Overall, you can hire a catering service in Melbourne for a number of events:

Corporate catering

As mentioned earlier, if you are planning a corporate event, all you need is to have an event catering firm by your side. This includes events such as annual general meetings, dinners, awards, anniversaries, and end-of-year parties. Unlike other types of corporate catering Melbourne has, this particular service includes professionally groomed and trained staff who will blend into your event and serve your guests accordingly.

Wedding catering

Another great opportunity to hire caterers is when you are planning a wedding. Wedding catering is a huge industry and considering the number of people involved, it makes a lot of sense to hire caterers during your wedding. Luckily, when it comes to this sort of service, there are lots of wedding caterers Melbourne has to offer. Unlike other forms of corporate catering Melbourne has now, wedding caterers offer a more casual service to match the atmosphere of any wedding setting.

Party catering

Weddings and corporate events aside, you may also be hosting a party. If that’s the case, you can still hire a catering service to feed your guests and supply beverages and alcoholic drinks. Party caterers often service events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, reunions, and other types of celebration parties. Party caterers are especially handy where the guest list comprises of too many people for you to serve on your own. Besides, having a caterer around allows you to indulge in the party just like everyone else without worrying too much about managing your guests.

Office catering

Closely related to corporate catering is office catering. This is a type of catering service that targets busy office workers who do not have the time or the means to go into a restaurant and sit down for a meal. There are many office catering Melbourne firms that you can commission for this type of service. They can supply your staff with meals on demand (during events), daily or on a long term basis, e.g. monthly or yearly.

Funeral catering

Just like the other events where people get together for a common cause, funerals, too, can do with the help of a catering company. The goal here is similar to any other catering event; to feed the guests. As you may well know some people have to travel long to attend funeral events so having a caterer to provide food and drinks after the events can go a long way in making people feel appreciated. Besides, funeral catering may turn out to be cheaper than eating out at a hotel or restaurant.

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