How to Buy the Best Pork: What to Look Out For

When you are looking for pork, it is now best to go organic and get the best products from animals which have grown healthy in natural surroundings. Pork from Wales provides some of the best cuts and sweetest tasting pork in the UK. When shopping, check out for those cuts which have a little amount of fat on the outside. The meat should also be quite firm and should have a graying pink colour.

The best flavour of pork from Wales is generally one where the meat has a small amount of marbling in it. In the supermarkets where you can purchase your pork, the retail cuts generally substitute four main kinds of cuts. These are the shoulder, the loin, the belly and the legs.

Pork is still red meat which can carry a certain negative connotation for certain kind of health-conscious buyers. However, thanks to its pork farming tradition handed down the generations by Welsh pork producers, buyers will get and quality cuts when they buy pork from Wales. If you are planning to purchase healthy pork for your consumption, there are several considerations that you have to keep in mind. Read more at Porc.Wales.

Pigs are quite versatile. They can, therefore, yield diverse kinds of meat ranging from the cheapest to the costliest. For examples, the cuts from the pork from Wales such as the tenderloin can be quite costly. If you are not a skilled cook, they can also be difficult to cook compared to other parts. Pork from Wales is quite fatty but if the pork meat is not treated well , it can dry out easily.

In the recent years, many consumers have also been showing a preference for the pork belly although the prices have been on upswing. There are other plenty of parts from the pork meat that can still be heard at fairly reasonable prices. Whatever the cuts that you have chosen, go for the pork meat that is firmer to the touch and which has a rosy pink colour. The pork cuts that you choose should also not have excessive moisture. When uncooked, the texture should be both smooth and soft.

Where can I buy Welsh pork?

Many people who value healthy lifestyles generally ask the question “where can I buy organic pork”? Thanks to its quality and the fact that it is organic or free range pork from animals which have been reared following the best practices, Welsh pork can be found in many of the leading food retailers. Inquire whether the pork comes from Wales and from producers who use organic and quality techniques passed down the generations. These are the qualities which make the pork from Wales some of the sweetest and healthiest cuts in the market. If it is organic, it should be labeled so. Please note that free range pork is not necessarily organic; it could simply mean that the farmer is not practicing factory farming and not raising the pigs in a barn throughout the lives but they could still be giving them non-organic food, antibiotics and other chemicals. Pure organic Welsh pork does not include these and has a special taste!

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