Welcome to Music of Cornwall

Our aim is simple, To allow the you to enjoy the sounds of Cornwall in your own home.

We bring you a range of music, from choirs to celtic, Folk to Brass bands. Whatever your taste, You will find it here, on MusicOfCornwall.com

What is music?

Many authors define music as an organized combination of sound and silent moments. Let’s look at an example. A car alarm transmits sound and silence in in organized way, but would anyone call this noise music? So, what is missing? Why isn’t a car alarm music?

In a more teachable and all-embracing definition, music is created by a flowing composition of melodyharmony and rhythm.

What is melody?

Melody is the “singable” flow of sound. It is the “main voice” that stands out from everything else.

What is harmony?

The overlapping notes that serve as a base to the melody are the harmony. For example, a person playing the guitar and singing is making harmony with the chords in the guitar and creating the melody with his/her voice. Chords are an overlap of many notes that complement the melody and are called the harmony. We will examine chords later.

Observation: The melody is not necessarily composed by only one voice. It is possible to have two or more voices, although this situation is less frequent. To better understand the relationship between melody and harmony, think of a ship moving across the ocean. The ship (the harmony) serves as the base and support for the people, (the melody). Together, they both get safely and pleasurably across the water.

What is rhythm?

Rhythm is the beat of time through the music. Just as the watch marks hours, the rhythm  leads us at a certain pace through the song.

Each one of these subjects will be studied individually. A deeper knowledge of all the resources available to create music allows us the luxury of unlimited manipulation in creating the “sound” and “silent” flow of sound that is interesting to our ears. Here in Simplifying Theory you will learn how to understand the tools you need to create the music you feel inside you!